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El Mito of The Myth of My Pain

Drama/Horror | Cast size: 6 (doubling) 

Following a Colombian American family, Los Villegas, as they produce a local access telenovela in Miami, Florida. As the Villegas work through grief after losing their Abuela Rosmira, Michelle the youngest daughter, begins to discover the ability to travel to other worlds meeting a mysterious woman on her travels that begins to teach her how to use her gifts. When demons from Colombian myth begin appearing in Miami hunting for her older brother Flaco, it’s up to Michelle to protect her familia from danger. But she’ll have to unlock secrets from her familia’s past in order to confront their future. 


A story exploring the legends we pass down through culture and myths.

full-length Plays


I Wanna Fuck Like Romeo and Juliet

Dramatic Comedy/Fantasy | Cast size: 5

Snow in July, comets falling from the sky, the world is thrown into chaos as Cupid rips off her wings and gives up on Love. But her old flame Saint Valentine has a plan to bring her spirits back up; and it involves the relationship between two men, Alejandro and Benny. 


Moving from outer space to Hackensack NJ, I Wanna Fuck like Romeo and Juliet is a Queer Love story of epic proportions that investigates God and mortals, realism and fantasy and the shame and joy within Queer love of Color.

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a fictionally non-accurate historical kiki

The Lonely (A Fictionally Non-Accurate Historical Kiki) 

Comedy | Cast size: 8

The play follows a young Latino graphic novelist, Kevin, from present day, as he joins a writers group comprised of famous Queer writers throughout history (Oscar Wilde, James Baldwin, Tennessee Williams, Zora Neale Hurston and more). 


As Kevin becomes involved with one of the most famous writers in the group, tensions along lines of talent, gender and race begin to boil. The Lonely is a fictionally historical kiki that challenges us to examine the beautiful and the ugly of Queer community.

That Rhthym in the Blood.jpg

Drama | Cast size: 4-8 (flexible, doubling) 

That Rhythm in the Blood

Miggy, a young man experiencing heartbreak in his life, battles and rages with the ghost of his abuela, Lucy, who lived through similar pain 40 years before. As Lucy pushes Miggy to move on with his life, grandmother and grandson travel through dreams, back in time to when Lucy first immigrated to the US and was institutionalized shortly after. 


The play explores loss, loneliness and the pain that travels down immigration and blood.

Short Plays


Romantic Comedy | Cast size: 4+ (flexible)

Love and the Fear of it All

A short play about a failed surprise, the choice to love in the midst of fear, and a band crammed into a living room.

Dancing Salsa is Dancing With the Divine.jpg

Dramatic Comedy | Cast size: 3

Dancing Salsa is Dancing with the Divine

A short play for zoom written in collaboration with 48Hours in...™EL BRONX and Pregones/PRTT. Inspired by “The Dancers” by photographer David González.

Concha is trying to teach Rico to dance Salsa. They take a zoom salsa class from a teacher named El Santo. A play about grief and dance.


Fantastical/Comedy | Cast size: 3


A short play commissioned through the Latinx Playwrights Circle 


There's a new PreP/Truvada replacement floating around the barrio, a pill called GUAU that's proving to have interesting side affects. A fantastical Queer puta fairytale. 




in development

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